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Get your own KIT and start offering vehicle location services to your customers.

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VEHICLE UNIT (175 x 70 x 50 mm):
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HunterPro is a leader in the AVL industry, 100% advocated in providing robust yet cost effective AVL turnkey solutions. All our products and designs are original. Our manufacturing process is carefully supervised and each unit is individually tested. HP provides covert vehicle tracking units and car tracking systems. Either in GSM/GPRS, SMS or AMPS based, ideally suited for AVL, fleet tracking and truck tracking. Low-cost GPS tracking system, vehicle tracking and car tracking systems with open protocol for AVL/GPS tracking and user friendly software. Products based in GSM/GPRS and GPS for accurate and fastest location, minimum cost, wide 
coverage and the best covert performance, ideal for fleet tracking or recovery.

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HunterPro XP-GPS AVL Software
Download Trial version (~40MB)
You can evaluate the new XP GPS vehicle tracking software for 30 days or you can purchase a full working version of it with one complete GPS unit for evaluation, plus one Base Station. This is a great solution for demonstration, business partners, or for your own evaluation. Or go to the Download zone and get this great software today.
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There is only one XP-GPS in the market ready for Asset Tracking, Fleet Management and Dispatch: HP stands for HunterPro high precision GPS vehicle tracking receiver integrated with a cellular/SMS transceiver. HP GPS is a complete AVL solution for Asset Tracking and Fleet Management and is not just a stand alone GPS vehicle tracking receiver.
A LCD Display has been added into our new GPS product with the following features: real-time status, GPS coordinates, communication status, velocity, heading, remote messaging, satellite strength and SVID number, and other information of interest for the developers and the final customers. The strength of each satellite is graphically displayed with a bar - this eliminates the need of a PC or laptop in the vehicle for installing and testing the GPS vehicle tracking antenna.
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Best of all, XP-GPS vehicle units can be GPS vehicle tracking geared by using a simple and universal ASCII command set. This protocol is widely available in third party AVL software.
Real-time input/output state is now reflected on the LCD screen. This makes installation and diagnostic of the vehicle unit easier and with a 100 % accurate real-time feedback.
HunterPro is adding support for PDAs in order to increase the autonomy of the system. A small Palm application shall be released internally in order to test GPS vehicle tracking units, and configure them. In future you can use a PDA as a remote base station, eliminating the need of a notebook, adding support for third parties applications such as remote billing, credit card processing, or others.
HunterPro has developed an Automatic Dispatch System which assures the fastest response time for taxis and other vehicles. HunterPro XP-GPS 7.0 GPS vehicle tracking AVL engine has a built-in automatic dispatch module. This system consists of: a backlit LCD display in the vehicle capable of messaging with confirmation, cancel and emergency buttons, a high-sensitivity GPS vehicle tracking receiver integrated with a CPU firmware which is able to process SMS messages (which can be used with TDMA or GSM), and finally the XP-GPS AVL software for Windows which is able to find the closest and available vehicle to the address entered.
Do you know that HunterPro GPS units works with AMPS, TDMA, GSM or CDPD cellular networks?
Start your own Cellular GPS vehicle tracking Business now! More and more companies are understanding the emerging Mobile Location Services with XP60's cost effective TAIP Protocol compatible systems.
HunterPro is aware of new technologies and new applications at competitive pricing for its Mobile Location Services. vehicle tracking Products: these systems rely on cellular modem or cellular board, a GPS receiver, and a multitasking CPU with its own OS or environment (vehicle tracking engine), providing a cost effective car tracking system which has been installed in several countries of America.
Click here or click the Cellular GPS vehicle tracking image for more info about HunterPro GPS vehicle tracking cellular products and pricing:
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HunterPro has created its own proprietary algorithm which secures the remote data communication process with a simple 32-bit encoding method, offering no handshake delays, instant connection and a stronger protocol for cellular AMPS or CDPD cellular networks.
HP GPS vehicle tracking boards are capable of positioning under stress situations where other GPS vehicle tracking boards aren't able to track one satellite. Because HunterPro provides a turnkey solution, plus unlimited technical support, plus custom designs and solutions, HunterPro GPS is quickly becoming a standard in security companies which are expanding into AVL business.
Several cellular technologies are available such as AMPS, CDPD, GSM and can be configured easily, for example: HunterPro GPS vehicle tracking GSM: for configuration of the vehicle unit, select or crosscheck AMPS box under File > Configure Ports menu. HunterPro GPS CDPD: for configuration of the vehicle unit, select or crosscheck CDPD box under File > Configure Ports menu.
For TDMA, CDMA or America's first dual GSM/TDMA auto-switcher (ideal for trucks that cross borders in Central America, where there is no good or roaming coverage with the same network) please contact us.
Purchase your GPS STARTER KIT today: we pay the shipping. Ask for pricing of full package including base station.
HunterPro S.A. has released the world's lowest-cost AVL unit
HunterPro S.A. has released the world's lowest-cost AVL unit: the XP60 GPS GSM/SMS/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 WORLD model with full GPRS/SMS functionality, ideal for Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), Dispatch, Emergency, truck tracking, GPS tracking, or basic anti-theft application by using state-of-the-art GPS technologies, with the highest sensitivity possible thanks to the aid of latest SiRF chipset.
With the highest stability ratio and best algorithm for GPRS reconnections and GPRS connection lost detection, which is a problem that most common GPS units suffer. Complete GPS/AVL/GSM solution available in the market today not based in RF, radio or triangulation, but in reliable GPS plus GSM/SMS/GPRS based in cellular networks instead. While satellite solutions can be jammed and the antenna required is totally visible, big and obvious, while the service is expensive, this solution based in GSM is cost effective, 100% covert, and with no royalties, no monthly fees. The only cost your customers will have is the carrier's bill.
CellPager for your Car: Control your car alarm remotely. Unlike short range car pagers, CellPager calls you directly at your cellular phone or landline. A very different concept from a car alarm system: Remote Cellular Protection is the emerging inexpensive solution for car security and recovery.
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The power is at your fingertips: you can STOP the engine remotely by entering your personal code thus preventing robbery. Nationwide access to your car is now available using CellPager.
No longer you have to worry about your alarm pager's range, no matter where you are, CellPager (Cellular Car Alarm Pager) will call you directly at your cellular phone (and alternatively at a landline phone) till you answer. Phone numbers can be stored remotely and can be activated or deactivated remotely.
CellPager makes possible to interact with your car security system remotely with only a call. Activate the Panic siren with the only press of a digit. Even more: find your vehicle in any huge parking.
Following with the idea of CellPager, HunterPro created the Personal GPS vehicle tracking SMS based. This a powerful product which is capable of sending its position through the SMS gateway (using TDMA or GSM) to a base station (can be your own PC or notebook!!). The key advantages of this system are: price, size and simplicity of its protocol which is based in NMEA. Full bi-directional communications are available.
You can build your own internet-based AVL business with it, or use it as your personal GPS vehicle tracking security device. With the CellPager itself you were able to block the engine remotely from a regular phone (using DTMF tones), but now with NetTrack (XP GSM) you're able to locate your car and stop it, generate reports, and more just by logging in to the web server. Please contact Sales for details.
This product offers a Cellular Link for Home Alarm systems. Its affordable price makes it available for many purposes: Home Alarm Cellular Line Backup, remote Cellular Workstation (can be used to send faxes, transmit FSK modem tones, DTMF, etc), or simply to reduce your company phone bills by using SIMTEL 2000 with a PABX and placing cellular to cellular calls with SIMTEL 2000.
The concept of SIMTEL 2K is increasing the level of interest of companies and individuals which are reducing phone billing costs dramatically.
Want to become distributor or reseller in your country or location? Contact now! HunterPro provides the right technology solution that you need at a competitive price.
Looking for other products, or starting an R&D project? Thinking about how much a complete GPS vehicle tracking AVL system costs? With a minimum order HunterPro will supply all hardware and software needed to provide an Automatic Vehicle Location service, plus complete turnkey solution, plus a free training, plus technical support, plus guarantee, no extra costs or components needed and no monthly fees.
HunterPro GPS vehicle tracking Software and Hardware Solutions ready to market! HunterPro is selling the technology for producing a complete GPS solution. This is a real business opportunity: no more time spent on R&D. HunterPro focus on vehicle tracking system hardware, integrate cellular/radio boards (e.g. GPS with GSM with SMS), while you can focus on business without any other risk. Click here for more details about the GPS AVL vehicle tracking technology offer.

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We're looking for international distributors. If you have a project or need a product for your business don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide a research and development team with full experience in electronics and expertise in hardware and software integration of technologies such as GPS, GIS, AVL, cellular and wireless equipments such as AMPS, TDMA, CDPD or GSM. We're expanding our horizons into PDAs to provide stand-alone solutions for remote billing and remote access applications.

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