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At the present, we know that we can't trust in an urban phone line only for alarm reporting. The phone line can be loosed easily by many reasons: weather conditions, technical problems or intentional actions. That's why HunterPro has developed SIMTEL 2000: its compatibility with the cellular networks and home alarm systems available in the market makes it a standard in security and quality.

SIMTEL 2000 also lets you send faxes, bringing you powerful and useful tools whenever you need them. It uses the cellular network as a high-reliable way of communication, and for optimizing the exchange of information with the base station. In case the urban phone line wouldn’t be available for communication with the base station, SIMTEL 2000 will automatically make a connection with the cellular network. Once this happen, all the events will be reported to the base station. And then SIMTEL 2000 will transmit and receive data in the same way as it is done regularly with any urban phone line. In this way, it provides a clear and transparent communication with the base station, which won’t notice any difference with a standard phone line and would process all the data normally.

SIMTEL 2000 also provide some additional features. All this makes it a completely secure mean of communication, which is full-compatible with HunterPro protection systems and also with the other products available in the market. This is because it works automatically: so simple that it won't require any difficult installation. All this relay in a great reduction of the final cost, because it doesn't need additional equipment or technical assistance for making a successful installation.

SIMTEL 2000 is equipped with his own Cellular Transceiver and a permanent system monitor which look after the health of the system: also watching the external conditions as the internal SIMTEL 2000 itself, to assure all is working normally.

You can use your SIMTEL 2000 with a regular phone, and you'll have a simulated cellular line.

You can place and receive voice calls (as if you were in a regular phone), send and receive emails (@4800 bps), send faxes, and even connect with a HunterPro-GPS Vehicle Unit for remote AVL (even from a laptop inside another vehicle).

You can do it at road, in your car, or in places where urban phone lines are not available or damaged (like indoors or in the country).

For fun or security systems is just an excellent choice by using the most stable cellular link up to date.

Can be used with Home Alarm systems, offering a backup for alarm reports by using the AMPS cellular network. This brings the possibility of permanent coverage of your home security.

It has no complex installations, and no programming is needed at all. Just connect and start using it as a regular phone!


-Uses standard high-priority cellular network, available nation-wide.
-It’s full-compatible with ALL security systems.
-Automatic monitor of cellular communication.
-It doesn’t require any programming skills for working successfully, and not even in the special features of the system.
-Out-of-sight discreet installation.


-Local cellular telephone network, available in a nation-wide range.
-Frequency range: 880 Mhz to 889 Mhz.
-Supports all control panel communication features
-Fax support.


Power supply: 12V
Currency: 0.50A - transmitting
0.21A - not transmitting
RF Power Output: 1.5 Watts max.


4.5" X 6.3" 3.0"
115mm X 160mm X 75mm


1.5lbs / 0.7Kg.

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