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XP GPS AVL Software (37.9 MB)
Click here to Download
In order to download this software, please send an email to with your contact information.
Description: Full Featured AVL Software plus MapX Engine 30-day-trial plus World Vector Map sample and Montevideo street map sample.
Installation: Extract ZIP file to a folder, then double-click INSTALL.BAT (batch file) to install.
Registration: After installation, A CODE WILL APPEAR ON THE SCREEN. Send it to us and we will generate a password for you to register the software correctly.
Purchase option:
If you need to evaluate or demonstrate our AVL solution with a vehicle unit, we can provide: 1 Mobile Unit, 1 Base Station, 1 MapX License, unlimited email support. Click here to send us an email for availability and cost of this product and please provide us with a list of cellular networks that are available in your country.
Click here to find more about the STARTER KIT.
XP60 GSM/GPRS Configuration
Step by step configuration guide.
Highly recommended for proper setup.



HunterPro GPS Description
(1 MB)
Complete description of HunterPro GPS solution (hardware and software) and XP-GPS AVL software.
English Spanish
HunterPro GPS Presentation
(360 KB)
Powerpoint presentation introducing the GPS solutions and its features. Intended for demo and showcasing the system to potential investors or customers.
English Spanish
XP-GPS Software Installation
(879 KB)
Provides help for the XP-GPS AVL Software installation and configuration.
English Spanish
HP60/XP60 Pinouts for Installation
(87 KB)
Simple guide with instructions for installing the unit in the vehicle, pinouts and other information necessary for installation.
English Spanish
HP60 AMPS Components
(40 KB)
Diagram showing a typical assembly of the HP60 GPS product with all its components.
English Spanish
HP-GPS Solution Scheme
(26 KB)
Components of the system and its role in a schematic drawing with explanations.
English Spanish
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