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XP-GPS Software Requirements
(2 KB)
Text file with the PC system requirements in order to be able to run the XP-GPS software.
English Spanish
XP-GPS Adding Map Layers
(21 KB)
Text file describing the process of adding your own map layers into the XP-GPS software.
English Spanish
CellPager Brochure
(245 KB)
Brochure with commercial and brief technical information about CellPager product.
English Spanish
CellPager User Manual
(71 KB)
User manual containing information about CellPager operations, remote commands format, and installation guide.
English Spanish
CellPager Operation Manual
(14 KB)
A complete explanation regarding how to command your CellPager remotely from your cellular/landline phone.
English Spanish
SIMTEL 2000 Manual
(147 KB)
Complete manual with technical specifications about Simtel 2000 and user guide.
English Spanish
Emergency Lights System
(259 KB)
Brochure showing a range of different emergency light solutions with a description of each system and pictures of them.
English Spanish
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